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From: August West (
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 15:51:38 GMT

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    in your friendly greeting you state:

    > The type of want that is bred by quaternary economy,
    > not to be brainwashed
    > into wanting what other people
    > want you to want, can only be satisfied by educating
    > people to grow more
    > complex identities and be more conscious of what we
    > do.

    This is what we are calling the information age.
    information and communication between people is
    growing. People communicating is the "hip" thing to
    do in this age. (Diggin' this email?) If you can
    trust your information and everyone is buying.. it
    would make the most sense to buy... buying stocks in
    with the global market in the shape it is in right
    now, I think is foolish.. this is a time of change...
    its not the quaterly market at all... that system
    worked very fine in the 90's when the information age
    blossomed.. people are in my opinion waiting for the
    next thing.. the day that comes.. is the ideal time to
    buy... before they do!!!

    I think there is a lot of media hype about how poor
    the economy in America is... people aren't buying what
    they used to.. the market changed.. manufaturing jobs
    are moving...(DQ..ACE!!!).. and I think it should
    continue to change... this will lead us to a new path
    and keep us on top.. the death of the old way is
    always rough...

    More complex idenities dosen't make big bucks.. and
    that's the point of money ain't it?.. to run a
    sucessful buisness and make money? ... ehhh.. a stroke
    of good, a stroke of bad... money makes money .. are
    you good money or bad money..??
    I do, however, strongly agree with your point:

    > Educational institutions as we know them now won't
    > do, however.
    > At present educational
    > institutions are among the institutions most
    > characterized by the
    > distinction between leaders (teachers) and followers
    > (pupils). They are much
    > better at making people accept brainwashing and
    > become habitual 'followers'
    > than at helping them to do without. We will have to
    > re-invent 'education' if
    > we want it to free people from brainwashing.

    In America, there seems to be an enormous amount of
    dependence of standarized testing. Now what happens
    here is that the teacher finds his or her self
    teaching to a test instead of teaching out of passion
    for a subject area, or creating a class. They are
    instead forced to meet criteria.. becasue they are
    being judged on how well their pupils perform on a

    There also seems to be a large dependence on
    memorazation tactics than on congative styles..
    memorization is not really learning its a tactic to
    get pupils to pass a test. I don't know alot of the
    things I learned in High School, but I know tons of
    things from books I've read on my own or from
    experiences I've had in "the real world".. which has a
    lot to do with why I dropped out and went to college
    instead. The people with the power to change this..
    the New York State Board of Regents, in my case don't
    care about my situation.. they want it this way.. it
    helps thier economic situation.. the teachers are
    followers too...



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