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Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 19:57:02 GMT

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    Hi Poot

    School was a wash out for me, but at 40 I have
    gone on to discover some real intellectual challenges, so keep going...

    David M
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    > to continue my subject of post, in a completely different part. I missed
    > this previous post, which is why im replying now (I apologize).
    > --Hi
    > Hard to get philosophically sophisticated without reading philosophy.
    > And what is read in schools is a public not private matter.
    > Do you advocate philosophy in schools or not?
    > I take 'as many types of books' as implying yes.
    > I would prefer that we were more ambitious in schools
    > and did more hard books and also science and the philosophy of science.
    > DM
    > -=*PO0T*=- DId you recently come from the schooling 'system' Dave? Having
    > recently graduated from highschool a year ago, after 14 years in public
    > education system(i did go to catholic school up until gr.2), I could not
    > agree with you more wholly.
    > I will explain with my own experiences:
    > (from ontario). I have found that I was not challenged nearly enough. In
    > the first 6 grades, what do they teach here? long division and
    > multiplication tables? basic geography? some SUPER basic french? Not to
    > rush childhood, but this is a point in life where the human brain can
    > incredible amounts of knowledge, and really mentally develop themselves,
    > building a foundation. My belief is that these years of just cruising
    > through school with straight a+ grades. Grades dont even matter.....I
    > knew so much more than they were teaching me. And what do they do with
    > fountain of attention kids can give when their interested ? Well, they
    > decided to ....well, I dont know what they decided to do, but it sure as
    > hell didn't benefit me.
    > Then, after thoroughly boring me to death with the same, mundane FACTS,
    > after year , after year, what is left? I skipped a lot (i mean alot[as Im
    > sure many of you can understand]) of my final 2 years of highschool,
    > , well what they teach, and the way they teach it is just one thing, and
    > thing only (no duality here) ----stupid!
    > When I look at the life of persons such as Pirsig, and even some of those
    > else I encounter personally, it leaves me leaves me
    > feeling sort of inferior(the word[as usual] isnt exactly what I mean).
    > just the fact that he was in university when 14, but just the richness of
    > experience. And what scares me, is in comparison to him, I have lived a
    > life less rich of experience, and I have a lot more compared with those my
    > age around me.
    > Anyways, I should stop rambling
    > Poot, Sincerely
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