Re: MD Pirsig and Rorty the inadequacies of post modernism

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Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 19:25:48 GMT

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    Hi All

    I have been thinking alot about post-modernism and
    its denial of realism and its relationship to human agency.
    I found the item recently posted by Anthony close to my current
    thinking on the subject of realism and its relationship to
    science. It seems to me that realism and human agency and actual
    practical engagement with the world are closely tied together.
    I have been recently drawn to the work of Roy Bhaskar and the
    philosophical school he started called critical realism. I have
    found than Roy is very interested in starting a dialogue between
    eastern and western philosophy, that he is well grounded in a realist
    philosophy of science, that he is anti-dualist and talks alot about
    dynamic quality and freedom in a way very close to Pirsig. This
    week I found a fragment from a very interesting book by Margaret
    Archer that discusses the limitation of post-modernism and Rorty's
    conception of human agency. I post a link below for those interested.

    Anthony, I particularly suggest you take a look as I am sure it will
    you and the critical realist school are a growing force in universities, I
    also put some
    links to their sites, I think that linking Pirsig to critical realism has a
    real prospect,
    especially as critical realists are doing what they can to open up
    ontlogical debate:

    Critical realist sites:

    David Morey

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