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From: Matt poot (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 02:13:31 GMT

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    well, I have read a few books here and there , and it was quite nice before
    'we' came and messed it up. Not necessarily an American Indian however.
    Whether it is the denee, cree, navahoe, or whatnot, they had a much
    different style of life (as we know), which I would probably prefer to this.
      What good is advancement, if you can't enjoy it? However, thats in the
    past, nothing we did ourselves, and nothing we can do.
    I really suggest reading Islandia. Unilke any book I've ever read. It
    changes me (as a good book should). They (new-york times.....:( ) call it
    a Utopian fiction, but...nothing like it. It really gets super-amazing about
    700 pages in (its amazing the whole book). Anyways........

    I think that one thing often overlooked by many people, is the need for
    people to be both social, _and_ individual beings at the same time. There
    should be more of a focus placed on individualism, while maintaining the
    social part of one's life. Balance between the two, according to the
    individuals pre-determined(genetics/morphic habit?) , nutured, and
    self-developed preferences.

    I think(i say this a lot!) that in current society, there is such a high
    value of being social. the whole 'cool' factor kind of, but not really.
    When some people naturally keep to themselves, people(I am not exempt) often
    wonder "what is wrong with them? ". Not necessarily in a bad manner, but
    just wondering why. They must feel the pressure of their families/teachers,
    etc. , to be 'normal' socialites.

    Having said that, I don't think that it is good to be too much of an
    individual (what do you think?). There are many benefits from having
    relationships others of course. I consider myself to be pretty social, and
    am looking to find my balance. I think its harder to do this in a city.


    Matt Poot

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