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Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 02:19:52 GMT

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    > Eureka!! it is "EXCELLENCE"!!!! It is quite easy to go from there, and take
    > excellence, and turn it into.....what....Quality! Sophists did not teach
    > good as value, but excellence! quality! Voila! cest magnifique! tres bon!
    > non?

    Hello Poot,
    Please forgive me for jumping in? You are absolutely spot on.
    The sophists, like Protagoras, knew all about mathematics and logic (Zeno),
    and they said such things were excellent if it was pragmatic for those who not
    only wished, but had the potential to excel in them. Arte is excellence no
    matter what the field: An excellent physique, an excellence in social art,
    excellence in intellectual pursuits. It is the excellence - Quality, as you rightly
    point out, which is THE most important thing to understand.
    Protagoras was quite willing to condemn maths and geometry for those who had
    no chance of achieving excellence in them. But if that was the sincere wish of
    talented young potential, then maths and geometry would be taught - usually
    by recommending another sophist who was excellent in these areas.
    Those sophists who taught rhetoric would have spoken of mathematics by way of
    art and creative analogy - exactly as Poincaré understood - maths is
    pragmatic and useful for its excellence.

    Poincaré concluded that the axioms of geometry are conventions, our
    choice among all possible conventions is guided by experimental facts,
    but it remains free and is limited only by the necessity of avoiding all
    contradiction. Thus it is that the postulates can remain rigorously true
    even though the experimental laws that have determined their adoption
    are only approximative. The axioms of geometry, in other words, are
    merely disguised definitions." [ZMM p.270]

    It is no wonder beautiful mathematics then has practical application later
    on? But the excellence comes first, and as you correctly understand: excellence
    is Quality. Not merely social quality, but Quality what ever the human
    You understand Poot. You have got it. Excellence IS Quality.
    Thanks Poot.

    All the best,

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