RE: MD Objectivity, Truth and the MOQ

From: Mati Palm-Leis (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 05:19:24 GMT

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    Paul and DM.

    Whoa them horses.

    >If the terms objective and subjective, with respect to ideas, methods
    > and knowledge, were replaced with high quality and low quality, I
    > there would be less confusion.

    Mati: Ok, I am not really philosophically savvy as I would like to be,
    but this seems a big step backward from where Pirsig has brought us. It
    feels like perhaps this is going back down the slippery slope of SOM.
    In large part because it would in the end would require knowledge to be
    sorted would by a subjective reality (couched in SOM) to work and be
    back where we started from.

    DM: This is so good I am going to get it printed on a t-shirt.
    I strongly suggest we adopt this. Object implies something that can be
    object of consciousness. Let's stick to high or low quality static
    fromnow on, if anyone says subjective or objective let's paste this

    Mati: I hate to write and run but after this post I will have to give up
    MD for several months to work on a different project. So I won't be able
    to be apart of the discussion anyway. But I would be cautious about
    doing this because I think it will lead to some dead ends. "Object of
    consciousness" being one of them.

    > Bo said:
    > Is this the MOQ that children are supposed to understand?
    > Paul:
    > Pirsig says that *value* is understood by every infant, not the MOQ.

    You are both correct, I think you are discussing different passages.

    Paul I truly respect where you are coming from and enjoy what you have
    written, but I also see where Bo is coming from. From my vantage point
    I don't think you far apart, though both of you may take issue with
    that. I just don't have time try to sort it out for now, but good luck
    to the both of you anyway.

    Take care,


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