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Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 03:45:38 GMT

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    Matt poot <> wrote:
    The thing with todays popular music world that really imposes on my
    enjoyment of life, is the manner of thinking of the 'artists' (and I use
    this term _very_ lightly) who make a large part of mainstream. Though some
    have a deent voice/skill in the instrument, the problem lies in their
    mentality, in which they regard themselves as working in a 'MUSIC
    INDUSTRY'. Therin lies the whole problem. They don't consider themselves
    musicians, but as something commercial. It's not for the music, or even to
    express themselves
    But hasn't this always happened in the past?

    During the times of any of the 'classic' greats, such as mozart, beethoven,
    bach, etc., etc., it was the same story. The mass of the society , did not
    listen to mozart and beethoven. They listened to secular folk music, but it
    wouldn't be odd to find a member of the family who knew how to play the
    tunes in a half bad manner.

    Are we just in some sort of cycle? So what is the real difference between
    the two different examples (now , and then)?? It is the _aim_ of the
    creators of popular music; a motivation to earn. The alternative is what I
    consider to be art. I think that if the creator puts their hearts into it,
    and do it because they love it , not for money. Businessmen should not be
    'managing' artists. But they always manage to do a pretty good job of it.

    This aim is for musical _Quality_, whether it is made by musically ignorant,
    or the technically wise, if they aim towards quality in some form (musical,
    emotional, political, etc. ) This applies to a great many things with

    Awareness of Quality.

    Time for some rest.

    Einsturzende neubauten. Period.

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