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Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 14:28:43 GMT

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    Hi Steve, Paul, All:

    > You might find the following essay on art and criticism by Ken Wilber
    > interesting:

    Thanks for the reference. Tangential to the subject of musical excellence
    I hope readers took notice of what Wilber said about postmodernism:

    "But the postmodern integralaperspective is not without its own major
    aberration, known generally as 'aperspectival madness,' the insane view
    that no view is better than any other . . . a confusion that results in
    complete paralysis of will, thought and action. Madness it is indeed: it
    claims no view is better than another, except its own view, which is
    superior in a world where nothing supposed to be superior at all. And
    worse: if no view is better than another, then the Nazis and the KKK are
    on the same moral footing as, say, art critics."

    Joining many others who have noted the demise of postmodernism among
    intellectuals in academe, Wilber wrote:

    " . . . the postmodern itself is on a morbid death watch . . . the skull
    of postmodernity grins on the near horizon, and in the meantime, we are
    between two worldviews, one slowly dying, one not yet born."

    I agree with Paul that the next worldview, based on the MOQ, will be a new
    movement called "valuism." Before it can take hold, however, a lot of
    philosophical dead wood, from Kant through Fish and Rorty, will have to be
    swept away.


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