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Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 19:17:23 GMT

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    I'm trying to find the source of an idea that I heard or read somewhere.
    I'm thinking it may have been written in Lila, but can't seem to locate
    the passage.

    It described an indian tribe's view of time. For most cultures, people
    envision the future as before them (in front of them) and the past
    behind them. But for this tribe, they envisioned the past to be forward
    of them since they can readily see what has happened. They envisioned
    the future being behind them, as it cannot be seen.

    Does anyone recall if this idea was written in one of Pirsig's books?
    If so, which book and which chapter (if you recall)? Does it ring any
    bells with anyone?


    Brian Berlin

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