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Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 20:33:13 GMT

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    > Hi Mark,
    > You said:
    > > Does anyone like sweet and sour?
    > > There has only ever been one occasion upon which it worked for me;
    > > the meal was neither sweet nor sour, but a third indescribable taste
    > > which was quite exquisite. This taste does not have a name in English?
    > > Maybe it has one in Chinese? Every other occasion i had tried the dish
    > > it failed to hit the mark - failed to exist in the moment as that
    > > which it should be.
    > > The thing is, when you taste it, it is superb.
    > >
    > > Now it seems to me we have here not only an example of the ripeness
    > > of a meal well prepared - a human art form - a living example of SQ-SQ
    > > coherence, but it may also serve as an analogy for SQ-SQ coherence
    > > itself by extension? Here we have cuisine were on another day we may
    > > have chosen the best tuning of a motorcycle and our relationship to it
    > > as the example?
    > >
    > > Here is what i have in mind: Sour = Static pattern. Sweet = static
    > > pattern. Both together form a tension which is dissonance. But, bring
    > > the two static patterns into harmony and they dissipate into a third
    > > state while simultaneously retaining their static structure. This
    > > third state is SQ-SQ coherence - that point at which DQ intervenes.
    > >
    > > Please forgive me if this example appears superfluous? However, i do
    > > feel a master chef would be complimented upon a metaphysical
    > > description of his art? Unless of course you told him his cooking was
    > > dissonant!
    > Steve:
    > This example helped me to understand SQ-SQ coherence.
    > Thanks,
    > Steve

    Hi Steve,
    It was you i had in mind when i wrote this example. It is you i wish to thank
    for helping challenge me to be creative and think of new ways to explain.

    To move on a step, if the sweet and sour patterns may, by analogy, be said to
    constitute a 'static repertoire' of flavours, then think about a 'static
    repertoire' of ideas - static patterns of intellectual Quality? Coherence within
    the repertoire is pre-intellectual harmony, from which new and higher Quality
    static patterns emerge, while the totality of the repertoire may be said to be
    the snap shot static intellectual level, evolving in overall coherence and
    towards DQ.
    See how DQ motivates at coherence, and is the aim of new patterns?

    We may say the same thing regarding the other levels:
    The Inorganic has a static repertoire of existing patterned states
    (Electromagnetic, Gravitational, etc.) which evolve when SQ-SQ tension becomes coherent
    (Atoms, molecules, Stellar systems, etc.)
    The Organic has a static repertoire of existing patterned states (DNA,
    multicellular organisms, etc.) which evolve when SQ-SQ tension becomes coherent
    (Plants, Animals, that other category which is neither but which i cannot
    The Social ... etc.

    This is all good old MoQ stuff as you know but expanded into a 'SQ-SQ
    tension/coherence' picture, which is itself a static description of a Dynamic

    All the best,

    P.S. A drinking buddy of Sartre once told him that philosophy can begin with
    the contemplation of a something mundane like a Cocktail. We may do the same
    thing with a meal? :)

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