RE: Re: MD An atheistic system?

From: Horse (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 13:28:10 GMT

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    Hi Bo

    On 23 Feb 2004 at 9:25, wrote:

    > Yes, this is the very point: The MOQ is no intellectual "pattern". It
    > began as one, but grew too big for its intellectual nest!

    This seems to be where you seem to be departing from the majority on the list and the author
    of the MoQ.
    The Metaphysics of Quality is a Metaphysics and thus an intellectual pattern of value. This is
    so for all metaphysical systems.
    If the MoQ has grown too big for its "intellectual nest" then it is no longer a metaphysical
    system. If this is the case, and you say this is so, what then is the MoQ?

    The other place you depart from what most assume to be correct is that you deny an
    intellectual level to anything that did not grow out of the Greek/Athenian system of
    philosophical thought. This is very odd and is something I do not accept.

    I think you've gotten something very mixed up


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