Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Chinese cuisine.

Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 14:40:01 GMT

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    > hello,
    > i have to be quick.....Fragile is on.
    > I cook, and this is a very interesting field. I also think that whatever
    > profession you are passionate about, it is easy to relate using similar
    > analogies (of course).
    > Food is just something everyone knows. There are many secrets in the art of
    > culinary ability.
    > Matt

    Hi Matt,
    Caring about what one is doing is what it is all about, i agree. But caring
    is not a static activity? Caring is being involved in a Quality relationship
    with one's concerns, and i think SQ-SQ coherence helps to illustrate why this is
    the case all the time, even in the most mundane of activities, like cooking a
    By the way, Socrates poured scorn on the art of cooking; Unless you could
    show you knew what cooking was, unless you could define it's object (which no one
    can because Quality cannot be defined), then for Socrates cooking does not
    involve excellence. Something for students of Plato to ponder about...

    All the best,

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