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Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 23:57:52 GMT

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    That's exactly what I am talking about. BUT - music and art should NOT be the
    only subjects that shouldn't be ranked. What about religion? What about a
    food or movie critic? What about polictical issues?
        I mean, these things are already "ranked". You can use the argument of
    "survival of the fitest" but that STILL does not make it any more rational than
    it is now. If we continue to "rank" anything then all we are doing is living
    up to simple static patterns....right?

    not that it matters much...are you going to go out and listen to something or
    see something that you normally wouldn't have just because someone or
    someones say(s) it's better than what you like? perhaps. are you going to like it?
    not necessarily. besides, i think Quality is deeper than language, and therefore
    deeper than "rank", if you know what i mean. take the word "ineffable", for
    example. it had to be invented for some reason...

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