RE: MD When is a metaphysics not a metaphysics?

From: David Buchanan (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 02:20:31 GMT

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    Matt, Sam and all:

    Matt said:
    I never said there was a problem with religion. There is only a problem with
    conversations that occur where there is minimal hope of agreement on
    anything of substance.. which is what happens when a theist and an atheist
    about God.

    dmb says:
    This is quite beside the point, but it reminds me of something Joe Campbell
    observed. In effect, he said that there is very little difference between
    the theist and the atheist. The theist takes the myths literally and says
    that they are true, while the atheist takes the myths literally and say that
    they are not true. They are not very different, he says, because they are
    both wrong.

    Sam asked Matt:
    ..are you saying that the (minimal) boundaries of democratic discourse need
    to be defended with arms? If so, you are making religious discourse
    illegitimate within a democracy. Which DMB would agree with, I think,
    despite his other criticisms ;-)

    dmb says:
    What leads you to conclude that I'd like to make "religious discourse
    illegitimate within a democracy"? I mean, we might not agree during that
    discourse, but I honestly wonder if anyone has rasied the topic more than

    Sam continued:
    I don't agree with it. I think that can be demonstrated by pointing out the
    internal contradictions that liberal discourse generates, and the necessity
    of an external reference or input.

    dmb asks:
    This is where you lose me. Liberal discourse generates internal
    contradictions? Please explain. The necessity of an external reference?


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