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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 14:04:53 GMT

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    Hi DM,

    > Problem with money determining
    > markets determining quality is the initial starting point
    > of inequality,

    What's the problem with money determining value? What's the problem with

    > so no democracy there with a few
    > market big spenders determining what we have to spend
    > our time producing. If only markets were really free.

    Unlike government, the market can't put a gun to your head to make you
    behave a certain way. Freedom means freedom from government coercion. It
    doesn't mean freedom from natural biological forces.

    > The huge levels of ignorance leads to great sales of Britney
    > and poor salers of Mozart, but I thought you were on my side there.

    Since government is responsible for education, where shall we place the
    blame for such ignorance?

    > Now sure, capitalism has had a role in creating more freedom, better
    > record than Soviet communism, but I want more freedom than now,
    > let's never rest in the struggle for DQ & freedom. Above all we
    > need to have proper democratic control over the major resources
    > and productive powers in our society, no more corporate moral
    > vacuum.

    What sort of arrangement would you suggest to assure "proper democratic
    control of the major resources and productive powers of society?" When you
    use a word like "control," I shudder to think of what your enforcement
    might include. We already see the danger to freedom in threats by the FCC
    to censor Howard Stern and other avoidable "offensive" acts. The logical
    next step is to censor all criticisms of the government as detrimental to
    the public good. Scary stuff don't you think?.


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