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From: Leland Jory (
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 16:41:00 GMT

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    On Mar 6, 2004, at 14:12, Platt Holden wrote:

    > I see where the heavy hand of government and a group of envious jurists
    > have conspired to bring down an individual whose life was dedicated to
    > quality, namely one Martha Stewart. Say what you will about the
    > domestic
    > diva, she brought the art of gracious living to the average shlub and
    > was
    > richly rewarded for her efforts.

    Much of this "art of gracious living" was the pasting of Victorian
    values on modern society. I would definitely call Martha a Victorian in

    > But like the brujo in the story of the
    > Zuni, Martha must not be allowed to rise above the lowest common
    > denominator of her culture without being punished.

    The difference is, the brujo in the story was a 'misfit' in his
    particular society whereas Martha is one of the Zuni high-priests. She
    doesn't seem to be looking for any particular increase in Dynamic
    Quality in her pursuits.

    > As many before her, she
    > must be sacrificed for violating the static patterns of a vulgar
    > society.

    Except she seemed to be all about maintaining "proper appearances".
    Using the "right" ingredients, the "right" fabrics. Not discussing
    anything terribly important from anything but a social level. Lady
    Martha the Victorian.

    Besides, she's not being punished for violating society's vulgar static
    patterns, she's being punished for violating society's basic static
    patterns by using her position of influence to profit herself. Unless,
    of course, you believe she's innocent.

    I was remarking the other day (when the verdict came in) that it is a
    sign of the society in which we live that a jury could find Martha
    Stewart guilty of fraud and profiteering, but not find O.J. Simpson
    guilty of murder. Mind-boggling.

    > A sad day for elegance, refinement and grace.

    All of these things do have value, but not at the expense of our social
    frameworks (i.e. the Law).

    Leland Jory :^{)>
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