Re: MD Beyond Liberalism?

From: David MOREY (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 18:51:00 GMT

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    Hi Poot

    Yes, more time to think, to train and study,
    to get off of our addictions, to spend time
    bringing up our children better, etc.
    I am sure most people would agree.
    So why can't we have what we want?

    David M

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    > Hello,
    > I do not have much time at this point (going to work in 15 min).
    > DMB quoted: The problem is with intellect itself. (SOM) In its
    > > historical struggle to free itself from society, intellect has gone past
    > the
    > > independence it sought and become disconnected, disassociated and
    > > from its parent level. Scientific materialism has gutted the world and
    > left
    > > it devoid of spirit, morals and the like
    > Concerning death:
    > Poot: Yes, I would call this being "Desensitized". However, I think that
    > some who are completely desensitized in some areas, are sensitized in
    > others. I think that I have been thoroughly desensitized in the course of
    > my brief life (in some aspects). There were points in time, in which I
    > cared more, but then didn't care, and now I want to care. As an example,
    > use Death. Man has had a fascination ...or obsession would be a better
    > word... with death for as long as time can remember. This is why we have
    > "Heroes", "Martyrs" and the like. At first, when I used to watch the
    > news when the media was really focused on the palestinian/Israeli conflict
    > (when netnyahu was around), and you would see, night after night, day
    > day, TOP STORY: *** people killed on the gaza strip, etc. At first you
    > think " oh my god! what the hell is going on!?" But then, after seeing
    > this repeatdly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly,
    > it just made me sort caring at all about it. Then I hear
    > about all of the drive-by's, gangs, etc. I don't really care any more
    > about people dying, which seems to me to be a horrible thing , to be so
    > apathetic.
    > But yet, I care so strongly about other things, such as this subject which
    > we are discussing. ???
    > Concerning the reduction of work: I absolutely, positively, agree with
    > this.
    > There is NOTHING I can think of more, which is inhibiting the development
    > my life, other than money, and work. (symbiotic relationship). My
    > right now, is at serious risk of being crushed into dust, because of
    > and work.
    > I can not think of a purpose of most of the work we do. We have millions
    > (billions?) of pe0ple, where the work they do serves only one purpose :
    > inhibit the development of mankind, by enforcing the absolutely static.
    > They should make laws not to inhibit, but to nourish development (in all
    > forms: being: technological: intellectual: societal: etc.).
    > I have to go, sorry.
    > DM: level. I think that mal-functioning aspects of the social level,
    > > such as inequality and the failure to reduce working hours,
    > > is making progress currently impossible.
    > matt
    > P.S This is why (1 reason) I wanted to start the chat we
    > could discuss this issue.
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