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Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 05:59:35 GMT

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    Hello all, READ THIS POST!

    In light of many of the recent posts I have decided to start a thread, in
    which we can discuss all aspects of moving beyond what we are, and what we
    have now, both intelluctually, individually, scientifically, and socially.
    I think it is important not only to discuss this, but to reach consensus on
    some issues (I don't have any specific ideas as of yet).

    There has been talk of dropping the religious talk, and talking on common
    grounds. I know that our common grounds, between all of us writing is the
    MoQ. That is the beauty of it.....its so can be religious, or
    not, and still understand every bit as much, just interpreting it slightly
    differently. We all can use the MoQ as a grounds to discuss openly and
    freely, without any social or political inhibitions.

    DM(> Yes, more time to think, to train and study,
    > to get off of our addictions, to spend time
    > bringing up our children better, etc.
    > I am sure most people would agree.
    > So why can't we have what we want?

    Yes. I don't know why this has arisen, but it seems that mankind has built
    an impregnable prison for itself. This prison is known commonly as "work".
    I will now use some quotes from Islandia, which I have posted(some unposted)
    before without much/any response. Islandia is a very important book, even
    though some denote the serious application / consideration of fiction..
    Some consider it to be utopian fiction........for those who chose to dwell
    in the book as a sort of getaway fantasy, this may be so. However, this is
    not how I understand it. It literally changed my mindset when/ after I read

    " ".....over the horizon, men and women sprinted and fell exhausted, rose
    sprinted again. An even pace was impossible."

    "I don't think we work too hard. Did it ever occur to you that the trouble
    is not the long hours, but the nature of the work, because of the complexity
    of the life we are confronted with all day long, suggesting continually a
    feeling of chaos?"

    Philip said previously: are a pragmatic individualist......

    "Lang- "As I see it, men are born with an impulse to be active and to do
    various specific things. In Islandia, that impulse or vitality has outlets
    which are natural to man, taking into account the fact that he is a
    muscular, two-legged animal, as well as a creature with a highly developed
    brain. The life here **now*poot* makes such demands that men to exist, are
    compelled to expend their vitality in unnatural ways. As a result in
    Islandia, men are more even, all-round beings who feel and enjoy things with
    a greater keenness-"

    Philip "Hedonist!"

    "All right , Phillip, I will accept your term of abuse and confut you with
    it. Pleasure is the greatest good! But pleasure means one thing to an
    Islandian and another to you. Pleasure means to you, pleasure of the senses
    either directly or vicariously through emotions in the mind. And here
    everyione has such a devil of a time surviving, and so many unpleasant
    things to do in order to live and survive, that they exalt the unpleasant
    things and decry the pleasant ones. Pleasure means to you something
    sinful, wrong, self-indulgent. If so, of coursepleasure isn't the greatest

    But Islandia isn't for everyone. There are some who have so perverted
    themselves that the unpleasant things are pleasure to them- the reformers,
    those who wish to organize others' lives. But the perfectly normal man with
    normal desires, a MIND, and muscular strength, is not so perverted. All I
    say is that the Islandian way gives him a better chance to have what he
    wants than this country."


    ON EDUCATION: This is where the solution lies, in my opinion. How do we
    solve crime? Its not by putting more police on the
    doesn't work at all. Not a bit. If you think about it, education is the
    only way. If you look at the majority of murders being committed, they are
    not being commited by well educated persons, but the ignorant. If you are
    ignorant, then all that matters are the surroundings directly around you, or
    those which directly influence you. How could someone conciously commit
    murder if they were well educated?? I can't really fully explain it on
    paper, but if you think about it..... They'll realise a LOT more.

    Violence is often at the hands of the ignorant, whether they be petty
    criminals, or the president of the USA, or Nazi Germany (NOT making a
    comparison), or any other violent "regime". IF you look back upon the
    annals of history, then you can easily see that the brightest people are not
    warmongers, but artists, writers, philosophers like confucious, (i suppose
    that would exclude machiavelli), mystics, religious persons (Jesus,
    Muhammed, St. Francis of Assisi, the list goes on)

    well.....I just looked at the clock, and I have to be up soon. Goodnight.

    PLEASE reply.

    Matthew Poot

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