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    Have you studied biology, or any other aspects of science? I
    have. My senior report was on environmental estrogens (hormones, and other
    human affecting compounds which are un-naturally produced by man). This
    study alone, scared the shit out of me. If only you knew how many toxins,
    pesticides, hormones, pollutants, and other things are in our bodies. many
    thousands. We can not rid ourselves of them, because our bodies have no
    natural solution to this, as it has not been present in the last 10000 years
    of homosapien development
    Well I guess you would have to include oxygen to that list of things we
    cannot rid ourselves of. Oxygen is actually a metabolic poison. It's a corrosive
    gas, like fluorine, which is used to etch glass. Oxygen was first produced as *a
    waste product* by certain plant cells. It was a LETHAL GAS, incompatible with
    most life forms, yet life went on, and it would be rather absurd to suggest
    that Earth has an atmosphere of pure poison (called oxygen). Life has a way of
    going on.

    And humans are healthier, stronger, more developed, and live longer than EVER
    before in history--this simply flies in the face of those who say humanity is
    killing itself. And we *don't* need to rid our bodies of all those things you
    mentioned--they actually contribute to a strong immune system. Excess
    cleanliness (hand washing), for example, can actually cause a person to be *more*
    susceptible to colds. The data that backs up this claim is every bit as "valid"
    as the data that says humanity is doomed. We are doomed, yet we are doing
    better than ever--talk about dubious.

    People freak out these days over things we are discovering in the human body.
    Microscopic things. Like bacteria in the blood and intestines. Oh no! Look at
    that stuff magnified under a microscope! We better start the lymph pumps to
    get that stuff out of our systems! Well, it turns out there's a *reason* that
    stuff is in our systems. There's *supposed* to be all kinds of bacteria in the
    human gut, for example, because they are helpful to the digestion process.
    When you rid the body of all bacteria, it's not a good thing.

    Man lives in a sea of bacteria. They are everywhere--on the skin, in the ears
    and mouth, lungs and stomach. *Don't* be scared by your science report.
    Everything we own, touch, and breathe is drenched in bacteria. We've adapted
    together and most of the time work for mutual benefit. It has more in common with
    capitalism than socialism, but I regress. Only a small percentage of bacteria
    produce human disease, the rest are harmless or beneficial. So relax. We adapt.
    What's in the air isn't killing us any more than oxygen is.

    On a final note, Platt is correct that this doesn't really belong here. My
    previous post was really trying to make a point about *soccer moms* more than
    anything about the environment. Soccer moms DO have Quality, the kind that makes
    America Dynamic, and that point DOES belong here. I wish radical
    environmentalists wouldn't be so hostile to opinions that don't absolutely agree with
    their own.

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