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Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 21:02:33 GMT

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    I'm not sure if it is the mennonites are somewhat the same? I am not really
    that familiar with the many outlets of christianity.

    I purchased my oak bedframe from a mennonite carpenter, and it does have a
    very good feel to it. Sturdy. (its also the only bed long enough for

    The mennonites take an extreme method about things though. The
    anti-technologist, luddite view. There is seems to be a more quality-full
    lifestyle , due to the main reason not being no computers, but the mindset I

    I think that just this technological apprehension , that makes them stay
    away from technology, isn't the way to go. However, the way we use
    technology today (to make things cheaper to make, ad infinitum) in large
    part, were not really using technology for its benefits to help research and
    development, but just make things 'easier'.

    This focus on 'hurrying' seems to take a lot out of quality in all its
    applications. As you can see.
    It is for lack of this reasoning, in the Mennonite community, that I think
    their lives are ...more based... than many of our own (or maybe just me).
    This is for a similar reason, as to the seeming quality in their artisans
    and craft-masters. They seem to be able to be very coherent when creating
    things. They're communities are often more of a community.

    I do however , not make the connection between their religious beliefs and
    Quality. I think that their lives would be , IMO, beniffited from dropping
    the strict religious dogma that is so repressive.

    but anyways...time is short

    What do you know of Mennonites Wim? Are they similar to Quakers in any
    fashion? I don't really know myself, so I thought I would ask.


    Matt Poot

    >From: Leland Jory <>
    >Subject: Re: MD quality religion
    >Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:40:36 -0600
    >Platt Holden wrote:
    >>Hi Wim,
    >>>Dear Platt,
    >>>I have never been much aware of 'Quaker aesthetics'. I guess it rhymed
    >>>my Calvinist background when I got to know Quakers, so I never needed to
    >>>become much aware of it as a change of perspective.
    >>What I had in mind were the artifacts of Quaker-Shaker life here in the
    >>such as chairs, chests, baskets, barns, buildings etc. which exhibit a
    >>distinctive aesthetic style marked by harmony, elegance and simplicity.
    >As long as you keep in mind that words like "harmony", "elegance" and
    >"simplicity" are pasted on post-hoc. The same goes for good rhetoric. The
    >rules are pasted on after the writing is complete. The fact is most of that
    >furniture and those buildings were built by true craftsmen, who had a
    >direct connection with Dynamic Quality. Calling Quaker/Shaker construction
    >a 'style' is demeaning the work that they did. I think it is the profound
    >lack of 'style' in Quaker/Shaker construction that makes it so appealing.
    >I've seen many [Qu|Sh]aker "styled" replicas, and they are sorely lacking
    >in Quality. The styling is applied like a candy coating over chipboard
    >construction (to keep costs down and margins high). Or, if it happens to be
    >made of solid wood, it is made of the cheapest possible materials. Plus, it
    >is rarely as 'simple' or 'elegant' as true [Qu|Sh]aker-built pieces.
    >>"Simplicity" is indeed the mark of the Quaker style, widely imitated by
    >>modernists. I like your phrase "manifestation of God" because I believe
    >>great art to be a "manifestation of Dynamic Quality." I know it's
    >>misleading to connect God and DQ, but sometimes I just can't help myself.
    >The only reason it could be misleading to use 'god' in place of DQ is that
    >the word 'god' is frought with meaning that has been applied (again)
    >post-hoc. Personally, I don't have a problem with the word 'god' any more
    >than I have a problem with the word 'artichoke', and I can't fathom why
    >others do.
    >Leland Jory :^{)>
    >Cafeteria Spiritualist and Philosopher
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    >away, I'm looking for the truth.' and so it goes away. Puzzling." - Robert
    >Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
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