Re: MD What is really anthropocentric?

Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 12:44:43 GMT

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    David said:
    I think it is a distinction of great importance. Highly compatible with what Wittgenstein says about where the mystical begins. The distinction is not between finding and making, please try to read more carefully, it is between the found/made conceots and the experiences we have that we cannot grasp conceptually, that go beyond our knowledge, this is what DQ is all about. My distinction poits to that which is truly open and un-closeable. You are the Platonist! If everything is anthropocentric to you the concept has no meaning -please explain. If the human is not open then what is the difference between your solipsism and idealism?

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. However, I never said that everything is anthropocentric. Everything is anthropocentric in the same sense that everything is made. When you eschew the made/found distinction, you also eschew any way to really rate from worse to better "less anthropocentricity" to "more anthropocentricity." We might be able say that when we talk about ethics we are being more anthropocentric then when we are talking about rocks, but that's only because ethics doesn't obviously talk about something obviously not one of us. And pragmatists don't further have any idea how we would rate one way of talking over the other, which is the only real reason why I can imagine anyone wanting to rate anthropocentricity. Otherwise, you are simply talking about two different kinds of things.

    Honestly David, I was hoping you'd go for the ironist response rather then getting all serious and beginning the Platonist epithet exchange.

    But to help the exchange along: No, you're the Platonist.


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