Re: MD What is really anthropocentric?

Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 21:21:41 GMT

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    David said:
    My point is that to take the ironist position, which is anti-closure, you are making a claim about the irrepressible DQ surrounding whatever SQ you make/find. The point is that our experience always has this DQ/SQ mix and that we cannot finally convert it all to SQ as perhaps Hegel tried to do (on one reading of him). Or: our experience is always on the move, is always beyond final/full conceptual grasp. Rorty seems to be committed to this practically, by his re-readings for example, but I suggest it would be useful to go further and state our acceptance of such an SQ/DQ conception of experience. If you read Heidegger like this you will find it quite interesting. It is what he means by the forgetfulness of Being, take Being for DQ.

    And yet, I still have no idea what anthropocentricity has to do with anti-closure. As far as I can see, nothing, at least nothing that a pragmatist needs.


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