Re: MD When is a metaphysics not a metaphysics?

From: Matthew Poot (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 02:43:41 GMT

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    Hello all ,

    I have not really been keeping up on this discussion but just glanced over
    this post here, and something interested me.

    Matt: I will grant that to a certain extent political deliberation is
    short-_term_. But I think this a bonus. It allows succeeding generations
    to correct the follies of their forefathers and mothers.

    Poot: I really , really dont see how this is a good thing. It is fact,
    that I (my generation) will have to deal with many of the environmental
    legacies of the previous generations (ex. babyboomers). I don't think that
    this is some wonderful gift, for my generation to cherish, in labour, the
    cleaning up of many sticky situations. Yet, it will be / is necessary

    Matt: Prophetic visionaries are wonderful and needed to dream up the utopias
    we would like to live in, but neither do we want these visionaries to gain
    political power. Prophetic visionaries are what Hitler and Lenin were and
    we do not want to repeat their mistakes.

    Poot: If we constantly look upon the static repertoire of human
    civilizations, rather than trying to create something newer, and more
    dynamic. I think that right now , in current society, there is a focus on
    the static past, or history of experience , which is not altogether bad. I
    do think there are many valuable things to learn from the past. However, I
    think there must be greater coherence(SQ-DQ mix) between our
    backwards(towardsthepast) thinking, to something more like forward thinking.
    Post-secular thought it has been called?

    C="Dad, what do you think about all the time? You're always thinking all
    the time"
    ............R.="oh, about the rain, and about troubles that can happen and
    about things in general."
    C="What things?"
    ...........R.="Oh, about what it's going to be like for you when you grow
    C="What's it going to be like?"
    ..........R="I don't know, it's just what I think about"

    Matt: What we should have learned over the course of the 20th century is
    that the quick fix of revolution is bloody and to be avoided and democratic
    reformist policies are the best we can hope for. They are slow, but they
    allow us the time to adjust.

    Poot: I agree with you here, on a certain point. I have a problem with
    revolutions, the way most people think of them. Quick revolutions, only
    prove to be extremely temporary solutions, which are often (if not always)
    violent, and do not solve any long-term problems. The corruption which is
    trying to be removed, is removed only until the corrupt find new (and
    better) ways of coming into, and holding power.

    This means, basically, that the changes must be slow. From the foundation ,
    upwards. I do believe that democracy (in theory) is a good societal
    structure, when you subtract capitalism . Socialism (in theory) is also, is
    similarly suitable for equality (in theory) . Or perhaps Liberalism (what is
    it, really?) But this is not a political forum, right>?

    What do you think???


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