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From: Sam Norton (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 03:55:05 GMT

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    ..... The fact is, god CAN be used interchangeably with DQ, just like tao can.

    I think the equation of God (or tao) with DQ is a mistake, even leaving aside theological quibbles.
    As I understand the MoQ, the equivalent of God (or tao) is Quality - which is then subdivided into
    dynamic and static, and no subdivision can be the highest term.

    The common lapse into equating dynamic quality with God (or tao) reflects cultural biases in favour
    of innovation and "progress" rather than Pirsig's own thought, IMHO. What makes a DQ innovation
    positive rather than negative is precisely its integration with static patterns - so DQ and SQ are
    yoked together like yin and yang. Pirsig preserves that balance. Many contributors do not - again,
    IMHO ;-)


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