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Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 02:37:18 GMT

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    Hi All,

    Concerning Diversity in the Biosphere,

    Jim: I am unsure about the quality of diversity per se.

    I think, that the greater the diversity there is in the biosphere, the more
    it increases the potential for humans (and animals I would suppose) to
    interact with DQ , on a more frequent basis, or at a "higher" quality?

    The reason I think this , is for the following reasons:

    We know that there is the 'stuff' before the cutting edge, and then the
    actual conciousness (reality/realisation) in our minds, which leaves a trail
    of static-history.

    Now, as we get older, and our static-repertoire (the history of experience
    we draw on) grows , we rely more upon our static-repertoire. Sometimes, as
    in the case of pain, it is instinct to learn from mistakes / accidents. DQ
    still has definite input, constantly.

    I think that we conciously (for many variety of reasons) make decisions
    based on this static-repertoire, even if sometimes they seem to be , or are
    'illogical', or not understandable by anyone(or most), but the self. I
    think that everyone makes decisions, that aren't always best for the overall
    development of themself, but it is hard to see this happening, when you are
    the one doing it.

    I also think that sometimes, we all make decisions, that sort of turn down
    DQ. It is very hard for me to explain this as it is in my mind, but I will
    try to illustrate it.
    This is not the whole of reality, mind you, but just some idea about
    personal realisation I'm trying to communicate. It is very....broad...and
    misses some things, which I hope we can develop in this thread. Its sort of
    how our decisions affect the coherence in our lives, more specifically, the

    Mind: (Judgement/decisions, etc.) Also includes subconsious/pre-intellectual
    Static Repertoire: SQ/History of Experience

                    | ^
    DQ==>Mind===Static Repertoire
       ^ ____ / \ __>__>__>_/

    I think that this is one of the ways static patterns affect intelligence in
    humans (and animals I suppose as well). This is because, if we look back
    upon generations of family, there are not only genetic traits passed on, but
    character traits, and values. Like father, like son sort of thing. So, if/
    when these values/traits are imprinted in ones repertoire, than it can be
    very influential in our decision making, either promoting the branching out
    of thoughts, 'lateral drifting', and generally seeking out the diverse, the
    new, the DQ. However, it can, and is vice versa more often than not, I have
    found. I am also "guilty" of this. Inhibition, seems to be a word that
    But, I do analyze what I do, and very often realize the 'traits' that make
    up parts of my personality, which are passed on from my parents (as I'm sure
    the same is for you). There is nothing wrong with this, however, there can
    be values passed on which promote the dependency on static-repertoire, which
    upsets a natural coherence. I can't say what the natural balance is,
    because I don't really think there is one, but I do think that the more one
    relies on the static, the more one becomes static.

    Mark: And the more patterns participating in coherence, the more severe
     the coherence - the more evolved it is and therefore closer to DQ.

    Me: This is important. The more diversity there is, it basically increases
    the static-repertoire, and in turn, potentially increasing propensity
    towards DQ.
    More 'severe' coherence seems fitting?

    This is getting long, so I will let you all have a say. Input is greatly


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