Re: MD secular humanism and dynamic quality

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Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 19:57:08 GMT

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    Matt said: But then I think you have to reformulate the distinctions I'm
    making into something like "conceptions of the good the gov't can pass laws
    about" and "conceptions of the good the gov't can't pass laws about."

    DM: Hi, this makes me think, the problem is that we do not have any
    democratic social representation/forums
    to discuss our societies in terms of goods/social goals. My problem is less
    with government and the trivial
    problems of making laws, what I want to debate is values/goals i.e. those
    things that should determine what our
    governments do. At the moment this is done by an unelected media, often
    under the influence of certain wealthy
    minorities. I propose, the people take control of the media, the government
    is has no power.....

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