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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 21:39:49 BST

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    > Your questions, 'where and in which part of the brain morality lies, and if
    > it exists; what the difference between societal and individual morality is'
    > presuppose the brain to be the place where 'morality' exists (if it exists)
    > and presuppose a split (societal/individual) even before you know whether it
    > exists. If 'metaphysics' has any meaning, it should at least question one's
    > presumptions.

    dear Wim
         i wasn't so much saying that the brain houses a split, but obviously
    what an individual thinks is right differs from what society thinks is right.
    capital punishment is an example (or else, why the controversy?), which is why i
    made the split in the first place. as for where it lies, where else could it
    be? i must admit i don't believe in souls or spirits or whatnot, so (even
    regardless) the brian is the only place it could be. and whetehr or not it exists
    was basically what got me started into thinking about it; not, obviously, i
    assume it does, or why would i be wasting my time?

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