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Date: Sat Apr 03 2004 - 22:33:44 BST

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    > Does this mean that there is a cultural level above the social and
    > intellectual level? or how can we look at his?
    > Anybody ideas?
    > Regards,
    > Bart Scholten

    Hi Bart,
    There is no 'cultural level' in the MoQ.
    Culture is composed of social and intellectual values, with intellectual
    values requiring social approval before becoming dominant.
    The MoQ is an intellectual pattern of value, and is gaining in social
    approval all the time.

    Subject Object Metaphysics is an intellectual pattern i gained from my
    cultural heritage; that is to say, the dominant intellectual outlook was SOM and
    this was because of high social approval. But i have rejected my cultural
    heritage; that is to say, i have adopted a value centred world view and become part
    of a new drive towards new socially approved patterns of value.

    I am committed to this on pragmatic grounds. I use the vocabulary and
    language of a value centred metaphysics all the time.

    So, as a culture of one, plus those who i know share the same views as i, the
    MoQ may be said to be culturally derived; that is to say, it is an
    intellectual pattern of value which has gained social approval.

    All the best,
    Mark :)

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