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    Sam, David and all:

    Sam said:
    In understanding the metaphysics of Quality, there seem to be two competing
    conceptions of the relative place of dynamic and static quality.

    Conception 1: that Quality is the source, from which dynamic Quality and
    static Quality are both derivative aspects, of equal Quality, albeit that
    one is a temporal product of the other; and Conception 2: that Dynamic
    Quality is the source, and Static Quality is the derivative aspect, so
    Dynamic Quality is Qualitatively superior to Static Quality.

    I think Conception 1 is correct, whereas DMB thinks Conception 2 is correct,
    and that difference, I believe, underlies much of our disagreement re
    religion and mysticism.

    dmb says:
    This reminded me of this thread so much that I've bent the rules and
    imported part of Sam's INTRODUCTION to some questions proposed for the other
    forum. Forgive me, Horse, for I have sinned - sort of. Sam's actual proposed
    questions have been excluded so as to not spoil it should they be elected.
    In any case, I hope we can discuss these comments further. I'm on my way
    home, but wanted to start with just one small point about conception #1...

    If we think of Quality as the mystical reality, as the pre-intellectual and
    pre-linguistic undivided reality, then both DQ and sq are derivative
    aspects. But this is not because they are lesser than Quality. Its just that
    trying to divide the mystical reality into concepts is somewhat degenerate.
    Its a lower level trying to capture a higher on. DQ refers to the
    pre-intellectual reality, but is itself an intellectual concept. It is in
    this sense that it is derivative, as are all thoughts and concepts about the
    undivided pre-linguistic reality, including simply "Quality".

    In chapter nine Pirsig says:
    "Its alright to condemn somebody else's bad metaphysics but you can't
    replace it with a metaphysics that consists of just one word. By even using
    the term 'Quality' he had already violated the nothingness of mystic

    More later,

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