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Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 13:34:39 BST

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    Hi Glen -moved this out of discuss area.

    Given what you say, did you have any
    views on the genesis of DQ & SQ out of nothing?
    Can an initial unity between them be explained?
    Clearly they interact in some way in everything that
    we describe as an event.

    David M
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    > The difference between 'Quality' and 'Dynamic Quality'
    > has been a perennial confusion within the MOQ. It is
    > hard for me to understand how the term Quality can be
    > sensibly understood as anything that exists apart from
    > its use as a shorthand for the two types of quality -
    > DQ and SQ - taken together. In other words, the idea
    > that Quality is sliced up into DQ and SQ explains the
    > kinds of Quality we have, not that DQ and SQ emanated
    > from some well-spring of Quality; not that Quality is
    > more primary than DQ and SQ; not that we have a
    > trinity. DQ is the leading edge of experience and SQ
    > is the creation left in its wake. That is all Pirsig's
    > MOQ says there is.
    > Pirsig is not always so careful about this in his
    > writing, however, even if it be after chapter 9 or in
    > his post-Lila letters, and often I find him using the
    > term 'Quality' or 'quality' when he is clearly talking
    > about Dynamic Quality and not static quality.
    > Just as for other things that evade scientific
    > understanding, mysticism is most assuredly lumped with
    > DQ by the MOQ.
    > Glenn

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