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Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 22:14:06 BST

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    Hi Bluesnite, Steve, all

    The first bike I attempted to restore was a little Triumph 300 that someone
    had given me. It wouldn't run. As I took it apart in my basement I was very
    methodical about laying out all the engine parts on my workbench in a manner
    easy to assemble again. Then my first son was born and when I came back to
    my work about 3 months later I found that rust had developed on all the
    exposed metal. Talk about a gumption trap.

    Last fall I bought a used 50cc minature moto-cross bike for my 4 year old
    grandson. It runs good so I didnt tear down the engine but it was an ugly
    looking bike so this winter I tore it down and cleaned it up and painted
    everything and shined it up before putting it back together with a set of
    training wheels. I gave it to him in early March for his birthday. He has a
    blast on it.

    As for riding, over the last few years the roads in my part of the country
    have become more and more congested and I find I don't like getting out on
    two wheels with all the crazy drivers. Maybe I've seen too many buddies go
    down over the years and I don't feel like pushing my luck. Anyway, whereas
    years ago I found peace of mind riding motorcycles, these days I find peace
    of mind in knowing while there are many ways for a motorcycle to come apart
    there is but one way it goes together.


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    >Hi Steve and all
    >This is my first contribution so bear with me.
    >I have been riding motorcycles for years and have restored several (eg 1976
    >Honda CB400) with sometimes mixed feelings - ZMM was catalyst. I initially
    >fell into camp 'Sutherland' and to be honest have occasionally strayed back
    >into the camp as different bikes/problems came along. It is hard to
    >as I work in the trenches of the chemical industry and love computers,
    >I suspect I feel the quality of what the machine can give me in terms of
    >riding (and thinking) rather than the mechanics of what I am riding. I am
    >obviously aware that the two are inseparable in order to experience the
    >riding quality. As you guys know, with the debates I am reading, it is a
    >seriously deep area once entered.
    >My thoughts are, don't let lack of empathy with one area or a percieved
    >of quality appreciation eat into the quality appreciation of another as you
    >will end up enjoying neither. The lowest quality situation of all.
    >Comments please.
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    > > Hello All; Just out of curiosity, how many of you moqers out there
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