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Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 20:26:17 BST

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    Dear Group,
    I went to some trouble to send you a lengthy response to Sam. He avoided
    virtually all of it. Here is a list of all the points i raised with the ones
    ignored highlighted *.

    PART. 1.
    1. Mark 11-4-04: Hello Sam, you suggest your variant MoQ... Ignored.
    2. Mark 11-4-04: So would Christianity. Ignored.
    3. Mark 11-4-04: Many people who are not Christians... Ignored.
    4. Mark 11-4-04: I know from our previous (brief) discussions... Ignored.
    5. Mark 11-4-04: The statement, 'People, like all those... Ignored.
    6. Mark 11-4-04: Christianity also includes a range... Mostly Ignored.
    7. Mark 11-4-04: A coherent patterned relationship... Ignored.
    8. Mark 11-4-04: I'm glad you ask this question... Ignored.

    PART 2.
    9. Mark 11-4-04: So you say. And next you... Ignored.
    10. Mark 11-4-04: Are you seriously... Ignored.
    11. Mark 11-4-04: I see. God is not the ultimate source... Ignored.
    12. Mark 11-4-04: And the Good with what? Ignored.
    13. Mark 11-4-04: Well, if you answer ALL the questions in this post and
    don't wriggle out of the ones regarding Heaven, Resurrection, etc i shall leave
    you to hang yourself by your own whatsit. I don't enjoy encouraging people like
    you to sound self contradictory and daft; it's too easy and down right cruel
    in my view.

    GROUP: Please note point 13 anticipates Sam's actual response.

    14. Mark 11-4-04: The problem is that you have no... Ignored.
    15. Mark 11-4-04: Well, i am not. Theistic concerns... Ignored.
    16. Mark 11-4-04: The best religion is the one... Answered!
    17. Mark 11-4-04: I would rather not go into your debate... Answer not

    There you have it: 17 points, 14 totally ignored, 1 partially answered, 1
    actually answered, 1 not requiring an answer.
    Of the 16 points that require an answer, 1 and a bit answered. Non of the
    really meaty MoQ concerns addressed what so ever.

    I've met some ignorant people in my life, and some of the worst have been
    Christians. Work it out for yourself.

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