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Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 20:38:20 BST

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    Dear Ian,

    You wrote 18 Apr 2004 13:07:55 +0100:
    'I've always taken the view that the only difference between a metaphor and
    a "literal fact" (whatever one of those is), is the time it takes the
    metaphor to die and become accepted as a useful statement in its own right.'

    Fine, so I suggested to Jon actually that it takes more than 228 years for
    the metaphor of "America as experiment" to become accepted as "fact" on this
    side of the ocean. The founding fathers "really being" scientists because
    they used that metaphor is probably not something they said themselves. If
    Jon introduced the metaphor of "founding fathers as scientists", it may take
    some time for it to become fact, too, if ever.

    Some metaphors never become a generally accepted fact. Jews "really being"
    vermin, for instance, that required gas chambers as 'Endlösung'. And not
    only because the "vermin" itself still militantly refuses to accept (some of
    them by branding others inhabiting "their" "God-given" "homeland" as
    I hope "experimentally" democratizing with military means populations that
    do not consent is never going to be accepted as proper science. For me it is
    global politics by a few governments that had no global mandate.

    We now recognize the 'balance-of-power' politics of former centuries in
    Europe as low-quality politics, because it resulted in gradually escalating
    wars. It is superseded by first economical cooperation, gradually more
    political integration and hopefully in the future the growth of a common
    identity (in addition to, not substituting, national identities). That is
    the alternative that Europe can offer the world according to the European
    Cultural Foundation (my employer).

    With friendly greetings,


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