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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 16:39:49 BST

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    Hi Sam

    >I think 'eudaimonia' describes those patterns better than
    intellectual. I completely accept the
    > point that the levels describe patterns, not people - it is a
    > presupposition of my argument.

    Great! I wish Platt agreed.

    > I think a person is a combination of all the levels plus DQ.

    me too.

    > What I think the stable pattern of
    > fourth level quality refers to is 'character' - and people can have
    > more or less character, better
    > or worse characters. It is a feature of a person; it's not the whole
    > person. One reason why
    > 'individual' doesn't work quite so well as eudaimonic IMO, although
    > it's better than intellect.

    Do you see participating in high quality patterns of reasoning as only
    part of having good character? What other patterns are missing that
    make intellectual an inadequate label?

    Give you give other examples of patterns that you would say a person
    with good character participates in?

    Can you explain how you distinguish these patterns of quality character
    from social patterns?


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