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Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 21:31:49 BST

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    Hi ,

    Joe:Coherence has a movable throttle!, or maybe there are a lot of

    Poot: I think that you are right. Coherence, which is like the friction
    point (one that never wears the clutch out ;-) , is where the balance
    between DQ and SQ is occuring. Even though I haven't put much thought in
    it, I wonder as to how much we can influence the coherence as it is
    happening. I think that part of the experience would be in the physical
    realm (intertwining static patterns, and other things with they're own
    coherence) and this would be where it would be mostly "out of our hands".
    The other half, would take part in our heads (intellectual) , and how we
    percieve things.

    Do you think that because someone has greater intellectual capacity, they
    are more easlily able to recognize and enjoy the quality experiences in
    their lives? I often see others recognize the same beauty as I do, but each
    person seems to give everything different weight in their considerations.
    Whenever I look up and see the moon, on a nice night, I always seem to
    comment on it, while others seemingly dismiss it. I recognize that we all
    have our own preferences , but there is something....that I can't quite put
    my finger on right now.

    Anyways, what do you think?


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