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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 16:17:19 BST

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    Hi Mark,

    >I feel you assume it is imperative for freedom to be
    > available all the time. I disagree, for to grasp what coherence is, is to
    > see a relationship between DQ and SQ which balances order and freedom in
    > such a way as to touch Unity.

    Unity is static.

    Mark 22-4-04: I mean by Unity, Mystic insight/experience. Unity, The One.

    Balance is static.

    Mark 22-4-04: Is it? Hold on a moment. The Zen archer in, 'Zen in the art of
    archery' at the point just before loosing his shot is static is he? I don't
    think so at all Platt - very far from it.
    The Archer is in purposeless tension, and to call this balance is to exhibit
    ignorance of what Pirsig says regarding DQ. Also, the point at which the shot
    is lost - the point at which the dew drop falls from the leaf - is Mystic

    To get locked into a static position
    is not good.

    Mark 22-4-04: I'm not talking about static positions, i'm talking about
    excellence. The ease of the artist belies excellence.

    As I've said before, I don't buy all of your 'coherence'
    theory for reasons outlined in previous posts.

    Mark 22-4-04: You don't 'buy' the MoQ then it seems to me. As a westerner,
    this is understandable. You can't 'buy' excellence?

    No point in going around
    that barn again.

    Mark 22-4-04: By Unity i meant, the undifferentiated or 'The One' or Mystic
    reality. So, we are not, 'going around that barn again.' This is important for
    what comes next...

    > So, if patterned experience is to be accommodated in the
    > best and most appropriate way, would you agree that this may be achieved in
    > the pursuit of excellence?

    Pursuing excellence is an excellent way to live. But, it can't be done if
    you're satisfied with being in a state of static 'balance' and 'unity.'
    Pursuit of something better means you're presently in a state of

    Best regards,

    Mark 22-4-04: If we replace balance and unity with purposeless tension and
    Mystic Unity, then i ask again, 'What is the role of freedom?'
    Answer: You are free.
    The mistake many people make i feel, is to forget that this state can
    accompany our everyday mundane life. This state isn't 'over there' - something to
    seek and find elsewhere? It is here and it is you. That's my argument Platt.

    All the best,

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