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    Its not purely theoretical, if that's what you mean. His brand of empiricism
    resembles Pirsig's in that sensory experience is not the only kind of valid
    empirical experience. The levels of consciousness described by Wilber is
    certainly based on data, even if it is not seen with the eye of flesh. Its
    based on the reports of countless spiritual explorers, the findings of
    dozens of developmental psychologists, and other sources a reasonable person
    can respect. There are many theories about it, but they are based on actual
    experience. Wilber tries to bring all the various theories together and
    essentially uses that to paint an evolutionary metaphysics very like the
    MOQ, except with a lot more detail. (20 books instead of 2)

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    Hello dmb,
    Great post. I agree with Wilbur's overview.
    But when transpersonal consciousness and the spiritual domain are mentioned
    i become nervous. I don't understand what these terms mean? They may not
    mean what i assume they mean in Wilbur's quote?

    For Wilbur, is transpersonal consciousness theoretical? Is the spiritual
    domain a theory?

    All the best,

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