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From: Matthew Poot (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 16:12:58 BST

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     Hi all,

    I've just been skimming a few posts here, and have some comments.

    Being in a population which is also supported by universal health-care , and
    education (as most of us have) . For the health-care, I would say is the
    service which I appreciate most. It has served me a few times, and even
    though the government is bungling it by under-funding, its still greatly
    appreciated (I , and many others would become poor without it).
    Education.......we all know.....lets not get started.

    As to the function of "liberal" and "conservative" political groups
    (parties), I doubt that there is really, in essence, much difference between
    the two. Often in word perhaps, but in deed.....

    I think that the Netherlands are a very unique example of a government that
    is...less occupied with pure business, but I cannot say , since I do not
    live there. Here in North America, I believe that the focus on economics
    over the actual well-being of society , both intellectually and socially
    speaking , is the wrong direction to take if a real, lasting, progress is

    My 2 cents (1.56 u.s.)


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