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Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 20:42:11 BST

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    Hi Wim, (Platt)

    You said:
    >> Do I understand rightly that in the current American political context
    >> "conservatives" tend to "liberate people" and "liberals" tend to
    >> "conserve
    >> old systems that they still consider valuable"

    I don't think you can make any sense of American liberals and
    conservatives (or Democrats and Republicans) based on the literal
    meaning of those terms.

    Platt said:
    > Conservatives tend to liberate people from the heavy hand of government
    > while liberals tend to consider the heavy hand of government good for
    > people.

    Conservatives like to say that they are for small government and that
    liberals are for big government, though I think you would be misled if
    you took their claims seriously (except in Platt's case, I think he
    really means it), but there may be important distinctions along the
    lines of how each understands the role of government.

    Conservatives would generally like to see less interference of
    government in business (though conservative politicians are just as
    likely to support welfare for businesses of their constituency as
    liberal politicians) and liberals would generally like to see less
    interference of government in issues of personal morality.

    If you think of American conservatives as socially conservative and
    economically liberal (in the European sense) you'd have it about right,
    especially if you throw a good proportion of Christian Fundamentalists
    into the mix. Think of Democrats as economically socialistic, socially
    liberal, atheistic, potheads. When in doubt, check for sandles.

    It's often not very intuitive trying to guess which sides they should
    fall on for a given issue.

    Try this quiz!

    Which group is stereotypically against...
    abortion rights
    capital punishment
    the UN
    sex and birth control education
    gun control
    gay marriage
    affirmative action
    lower taxes
    censorship of controversial talk radio hosts
    the French
    public funding of religiously affiliated aid groups
    public funding of the arts
    stem cell research
    the words "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
    increased funding for the military
    having sex with interns

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