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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 14:18:45 BST

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    Hi Steve,

    > > Platt:
    > > Would you say unpatterned awareness is an attribute of inorganic as well
    > > as biological patterns? Do you think biological patterns behave according
    > > to instinctive perceptual structures?
    > A biological entity's behavior constitutes biological patterns that we can
    > perceive, and it seems that a biological entity itself also perceives
    > structure. They too have the equivalent of "cultural glasses" that filter
    > what sorts of structures that they will perceive (e.g. they are incapable
    > of participating in social patterns like imitating the behavior of
    > celebrities) and predispose them to organizing their sensory input in
    > genetically pre-determined ways.
    > >
    > >>> The
    > >>> question is do the patterns exist independently of perception?
    > >>
    > >> No. I think the word pattern presupposes perception. That it why I
    > >> looked it up. I was concerned about that, but this is not SOM
    > >> perception since it is this patterning (and DQing) that itself is
    > >> awareness which creates subjects and objects as patterns.
    > >
    > > Looks like we're in a conundrum. Patterns create perceptions which
    > > create
    > > patterns. If we pursue this, we should pin down what we mean by
    > > perception, awareness, perceptual structures, patterns, etc.
    > >
    > I'll get back to you. I'm working on a more detailed account of my
    > understanding of patterns in the MOQ.

    Looking forward to it. The question of what constitutes perception and how
    it evolved fascinates me. Patterns are integral to perception. I can't
    decide whether they arose with perception or are generic to inorganic
    level prior to the emergence of perception at the biological level. I'm
    also interested that apparently perception of a rudimentary kind emerged
    before a nervous system came into being.

    For Pirsig, value patterns are universal. But, I wonder. Quantum physics
    says observation (perception) has some sort of creative power, manifesting
    particles (patterns) from the quantum soup (pattern of probability.) How
    does that fit in the MOQ?

    But, first things first. Patterns in the MOQ is a great subject.

    Best regards,

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