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Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 17:37:13 GMT

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    This has nothing to do with Pirsig, which means that I will be
    extraordinarily brief.

    I wanted to point out that Bo kinda' charged me with being a reductive
    idealist and DMB charged me with being reductive physicalist.

    First, I think this funny. Second, I still can't figure out what this has
    to do with Pirsig. Naturally we would all like Pirsig to be the perfect
    philosopher, whatever that means for each of us, but I thought I had pretty
    well bracketed my own desires in my explication of the passage. I very well
    stipulated what I thought Rick's question meant (Rick even pretty much
    agreed on my interpretation of the question) and I still think what I said
    bears out the implications of the passage given the question. I'm waiting
    for someone to give an alternate close reading.

    Still the funniest part of all this? Reading past all the bs and vocable
    differences, I still see DMB and me agreeing on how best to read Pirsig.
    Our main differences are on how Pirsig reads himself (e.g., DMB and I
    probably differ in degree as to how literally Pirsig takes his own analogy)
    and how effective Pirsig's choice of words are (DMB takes him as being
    straightforward, I take him as being ambiguous). But as far as our own
    philosophies are concerned, I think DMB and are in large agreement, just not
    in how we say it.

    That's, at least, what has become apparent to me.


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