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Date: Sat Jan 03 2004 - 02:14:32 GMT

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    Hi Folks

    The results of the Call for Votes for January 2004 are shown below.

    January's topic is

    2) Does Pirsig adequately support his notion that we have a 'sense of value' analogous to the five traditional senses?
    Posted by: Rick Valence

    Please make sure that you have read the rules etc. for this list (they're reproduced after the vote results)


    2 posts per member per week
    No HTML

    Have fun.



    Votes for topics
    2) 3
    3) 1
    4) 1
    5) 1

    Voters and Selection

    David Morey - 4
    Marco Bonarelli - 2
    Mark Maxwell - 3
    Horse - 2
    Rick Valence - 2
    Bodvar Skutvik - 5



    1) Members must have read both ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE and LILA.
    2) LILA'S CHILD by Dan Glover with annotations by Robert Pirsig is also *highly* recommended.
    3) Members may post only two messages per week (except for topic-question suggestions, voting, and Opinions).
    4) Every post must be relevant to the topic-question.
    5) Members must express themselves clearly, concisely and courteously.
    6) Members may not use html email nor send attachments.
    7) Although there is no strict word-limit on posts, members are asked to try and keep posts to a reasonable length.
    8) The MF moderator reserves the right to block any posts which break these rules.
    9) If a member believes his or her post has been unjustly blocked by the moderator, the moderator's decision may
    be appealed one time to the full Steering Committee. The decision of the Steering Committee is final.
    10) Posts which are blocked from MF by the moderator should not be posted to MD without the express permission
    the express permission of the moderator or the Steering Committee. Reposting to MD in the absence of such
    permission could result in action from the Discussion Facilitators ranging from a gentle warning and
    reminder of the forum rules to permanent removal from one or both lists.

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