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From: Wim Nusselder (
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 07:16:10 GMT

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    Dear Rick,

    Sorry for overcomplicating matters.

    The core of my question was: 'Is what we discuss merely the ideas of
    Pirsig?' If yes, 'the MoQ' is understood to be his ideas which we can only
    interpret. (This is apparently David B.'s opinion.)

    The core of my explanation was: 'Please don't only give an opinion, but also
    argue it. As most of us agree that the MoQ is an intellectual pattern of
    value, please argue it starting from your defition of an intellectual
    pattern of value. For the rare cases that think the MoQ is another type of
    pattern of value: start from the way you recognize such a pattern of value.'

    With friendly greetings,


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