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Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 02:02:04 BST

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    >> R
    >> I still think you're not seeing the problem. Even taking the chronology you
    >> suggest into account (which is clearly correct), the question still remains,
    >> should mysticism be identified with the undivided (Q) or with one of the
    >> divisions (dq)?
    >> take care
    >> rick

    Hello Rick,
    I hope you find this quote from Anthony McWatt's "Pirsig's Metaphysics of
    Quality" helpful:

    8. Why does Pirsig use "Dynamic Quality" to denote the ultimate reality and
    not other mystic terms such as "nothingness" or "oneness" in his metaphysics?
    "Oneness is one intellectual path up the mountain of understanding.
    "Nothingness" is another such path. (Dynamic) Quality is a third. When a scientifically
    orientated mind hears the term "substance" it says "that's reality". When it
    hears about "oneness" and "nothingness" it says, 'That's just empty,
    meaningless, metaphysical claptrap for the "Mind of God" which we have already rejected
    for empirical reasons.' Scientifically those words have no meaning."
    "The word "quality" is superior to "oneness" and "nothingness" because it is
    impossible for scientists to reject as metaphysical claptrap. They try, but
    they cannot get away with saying there are no values in the world. Even a so-so
    philosopher can cut them to pieces dialectically... The Metaphysics of Quality
    is valuable because it provides a central term that the Western,
    scientifically structured mind cannot dismiss."
    (letter from Robert Pirsig to Anthony McWatt, December 24th, 1995)
    "If Dynamic Quality were merely called "God" or "oneness" (scientists) would
    have it shoved out of... bounds without question. But they can't shove Quality
    out of bounds. Mystic or not, they can't deny it exists. They cannot
    eliminate it as a meaningful term. In fact "meaningful" means having social or
    intellectual quality."
    (letter from Robert Pirsig to Anthony McWatt, August 17th, 1997)

    All the best,

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