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Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 18:11:08 BST

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    "Does Pirsig's work help us to sort out the
    distinctions between metaphysics and the mystical

    I donīt think the actual question has been addressed.
    Pirsig himself defines mysticism as a refusal to give
    definitions, as he did in ZMM. That book is mystical.

    But in LILA he admits he can no longer get away with a
    "one term metaphysics" therefore he develops his MOQ
    (he uses the term in this way, as a countable noun,
    opening the door to more than one MOQ)

    The MOQ is a definition of reality that is based on
    Quality, on Values not on the subject-object dycothomy
    as others. In it, he defines DQ as undefinable but
    attempts a definition through its effects. That is as
    close a mysticism as he gets in his MOQ. Actually, he
    expresses that the two major philosophical
    orientations that oppose metaphysics are: Empirical
    positivists and Mystics. The former think Metaphysics
    not scientific enough, whereas the latter find
    Metaphysics to be too scientific, like a finger
    pointing at the moon, but that will never replace the

    I would answer that it helps us distinguish between
    metaphysics and mysticism, starting on the latter and
    landing on the former, i.e. he started with a mystical
    approach (Quality is undefinable) and ended in a
    metaphysical one (his MOQ)


    Hugo Masse

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