Re: MF Re: March 2004 - Metaphysics and the mystical reality.

From: Glenn Bradford (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 20:15:46 BST

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    The difference between 'Quality' and 'Dynamic Quality'
    has been a perennial confusion within the MOQ. It is
    hard for me to understand how the term Quality can be
    sensibly understood as anything that exists apart from
    its use as a shorthand for the two types of quality -
    DQ and SQ - taken together. In other words, the idea
    that Quality is sliced up into DQ and SQ explains the
    kinds of Quality we have, not that DQ and SQ emanated
    from some well-spring of Quality; not that Quality is
    more primary than DQ and SQ; not that we have a
    trinity. DQ is the leading edge of experience and SQ
    is the creation left in its wake. That is all Pirsig's
    MOQ says there is.

    Pirsig is not always so careful about this in his
    writing, however, even if it be after chapter 9 or in
    his post-Lila letters, and often I find him using the
    term 'Quality' or 'quality' when he is clearly talking
    about Dynamic Quality and not static quality.

    Just as for other things that evade scientific
    understanding, mysticism is most assuredly lumped with
    DQ by the MOQ.

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