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Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 02:59:02 BST

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     --- David Buchanan <> escribió:
    > The May discussion topic is: What is a level?
    > each level is a separate and
    > discrete stage of development
    > and yet each of these steps is dependent on the
    > advances achieved by the
    > previous step. So a level is a stage, a step, a
    > phase of evolution. And of
    > course this kind of evolutionary development is not
    > limited to the
    > biological level, but includes all the known
    > universe, from dirt to divinity
    > as Wilber would put it, including us.

    I tend to perceive that Pirsig sees the division of
    static quality into four levels as the most

    Would you agree that a unicellular preferring a
    particular kind of environment instead of one that is
    potentially harmful (Pirsig's example) should be
    categorised in the same static level of quality as a
    human baby that cries so loud that parents are coaxed
    into doing something about it, therefore removing the
    "low quality" from the babies environment, the
    biological? One may be inclined to think that the baby
    is on the next level, the social, but is that so, even
    if it is hunger that provokes her crying?

    That these two examples have similarities is beyond
    question, I would say, but, What about the difference
    between them?

    If I understand it right, communication between levels
    never happens and even if it were tried, it is not
    possible. Is communication possible between a human
    (baby or not) and a unicellular being?

    I sense there is something wrong in this line of
    reasoning, who can help me find what it is?


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