MF Discussion Topic for May 2004

Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 01:01:12 BST

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    The May discussion topic is: What is a level?

    A Level is composed of patterns of Static Quality evolving in the event
    stream towards DQ.

    1. Event stream (DQ) --------> 3. Coherence <-------- 2. DQ Goal of evolution

    1. Event stream is immediate Dynamic flux of experience. (SODV)
    2. Goal of evolution is also immediate Dynamic flux of experience. (Lila)
    3. Coherence is a tension between static patterns emerging from the Dynamic

    All levels display preference towards coherence.
    All levels display a preference towards limiting the previous levels
    New levels begin with Dynamic Quality.

    A level may be said to be composed of a static repertoire of patterns within
    which coherence forms. Coherence is also a measure of beauty.

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