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      Japp K,

      No one needs to be convinced that money is valuable. The question however
    is why do those you have more than enough still strive for more.

      I ask because I see the striving for money as a demented exercise and yet
    I seem not to be able to break from this insanity.

      If there was a person who collected cans of corn and had warehouses full
    of cases of corn and still wanted more to save 'for a rainy day', he would
    be seen as mentally deranged yet a person can be motivated to collect money
    without limit and he is not seen as abnormal, indeed, he might be admired.

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    > The idea that people can live without money (or without greed) is an
    > idealist interpretation of a utopian world. It stems from the
    > intellectual idea that all people are (or should be) equals. Thus one
    > having the world while others have barely enough to eat is against the
    > intellectual ideal.
    > But money doesn't have anything to do with the intellectual realm. Money
    > has a profound influence in the social realm; if you have the money to
    > buy a good looking suit and drive a nice car people _will_ be polite and
    > respectful. The guy who can buy the most drinks is often the one taking
    > the most girls home. This isn't "political correct" but it is observable
    > in almost any bar over the world.
    > Money can also be regarded as a mechanism provided by the social level
    > to provide the biological needs. Without money no food, shelter etc.
    > This hooks into some of the most elemental fears of the biological
    > human: to starve. People feel save when they have money, they feel
    > unprotected when they don't. It takes a lot of courage (or foolishness)
    > to go without money.
    > As for the original question, I think the only help any theory can offer
    > as in our relationship to many is to clarify _why_ we like money; we
    > can't help ourselves in loving wealth for it is the opposite of
    > starvation.
    > P.S. Maybe money can be described as a mechanism employed by the social
    > level to suppress some elements of the biological level ?
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