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Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 03:57:49 BST

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    Hi Folks

    Here's the list of subjects put forward for discussion for July. As always
    if there
    is a tie I'll select those that have tied and ask for you to re-vote.

    There is only 1 vote per member so please don't go voting for more than 1

    Those interested should submit their votes by 9pm New York time on Friday
    June 2nd.

    I will not be forwarding the vote posts to the list but will post the final
    results around midnight
    (GMT) on Friday the 2nd so don't get worried that your post hasn't made it.
    shall show all the voters on the CALL FOR VOTES final results so if you
    don't see your name
    on it email me then.

    Any topic that is not used will be added to a page of potential topics which
    can be re-used at a
    later date if you so desire.

    A reminder - Opinions on the June topic are invited.

    Here's the list of topics on which to vote:

    1) How does the MoQ see the open source software movement.

    2) Two quotes from Lila regarding Culture:
    "As the atomic physicist,Niels Bohr,said, "We are suspended in language."
    intellectual description of nature is always culturally derived."
    Chapter 12
    "Our scientific description of nature is always culturally derived.Nature
    tells us only what
    our culture predisposes us to hear.The selection of which inorganic patterns
    to observe
    and which to ignore is made on the basis of social patterns of value,or when
    it is not,on
    the basis of biological patterns of value."
    Chapter 24
    Explain the above.

    3) From LILA Chapter 24:
    "The end of the twentieth century in America seems to be an intellectual,
    social and economic rust-belt, a whole society that has given up on Dynamic
    improvement and is slowly trying to slip back to Victorianism, the last
    static ratchet-latch."

    Lila was published in 1991 (and obviously written prior to its publication).
    The end of the 20th century in America included arguably important social
    events like the spread of the internet, arguably important economic events
    like the stock-market bubble, arguably important scientific/intellectual
    advances in computer technology, genetics, chaos theory, quantum physics,
    etc. etc.

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